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Why Choose Callsavvy?

Bring your customer service channels together under one platform.

Call Centre Tools

Improve customer experience and call handling with our interactive Call Centre, Smart call routing & DIY IVR tool

Auto-Dialer & Robocalls

Reachout to your customer via telephone calls the smart way with our Auto-Dialer & bulk call-out tools

Support Tickets & Case Management

Keep a better track of your customer's requests & complains with our powerful Support Ticket and case management management tools

Live Chats & Socials

Engage your customers and website visitors over chat, Facebook, WhatsAapp, Slack, Instagram, Twitter and other social platform

Chatbots & Auto-responders

Keep your customers engaged even when you are not there with our chat bots and email auto-responders

SMS & Email Marketing

Engage your customers via email and SMS with the in-built mass email and bulk SMS messaging tool

Calendar & Virtual Meetings

Schedule and share important events, setup virtual meetings with the calendar and virtual meeting features

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Build an Interactive Contact Centre with Self-Care Capabilities

Callsavvy offers amazing set of tools to enable you build an interactive Call Center and telephone-based Customer Care system with Self-Care capabilities in minutes;

  • Dynamic Call Queuing & Routing System
  • Fully Customizable Call-Flow with Interactive Flow Builder
  • Interactive Voice Response Feature (IVR)
  • Multiple Simultaneous 2-way Voice Call with Central Caller ID
  • Dual-channel Call Recording
  • Call Forwarding & Call Transfer
Build an Interactive Call Centre with Self-Care Capabilities
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Customize your package to suit your need & budget

Callsavvy package builder offers you the flexibility to pay only for those specific resources you need, when you need them;

  • Choose your own call minutes
  • Decide how many agents/units you need
  • Adjust your resources when ever you need to
  • Roll-over unused resources
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Make informed decisions with AI-powered Analytics

Our analytics dashboard gives you useful insight into various aspects of your business support process, helping you make informed decisions around your customer relations;

  • Know when best to reach your customers
  • Know how best to reach your customers
  • Know what best to say to your customers
  • Measure performance of your customer service team
  • Allocate your customer support resources where they are needed most
  • Detect lapses and improve on your customer engagement process
Make informed decisions with Callsavvy's Analytics
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OS Independent

Launch your contact centre from any internet enabled device. No special hardware requirements

Up & Running in Minutes

Setup your business contact-centre in minutes with our interactive & easy-to-use flow builder.

Flexible Pricing

Decide precisely what you pay and when you pay with our interactive call package builder

Multiple Simultaneous 2-Way Call

Make both inbound and outbound calls using your call centre number

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Build advanced self-care capabilities to your customers with IVR

Call Recording

Recording every call and use these recordings to score your agents

Smart Call Routing

Auto distribute calls to the most suitable agent using smart routing algorithm

Call Queuing System

Increase performance of inbound call while minimizing missed calls with call queues

DIY Call Flow Builder

Build your call flow & logic in minutes with the easy-to-use interactive flow builder

Audio & Text-2-Speech Support

Play pre-recorded audio or simply use the in-built text-to-speech feature on your IVR

In-Call SMS Messaging

Easily send branded SMS messages to your call at a click of a button

Call Transfers

Transfer incoming calls from one agent or unit to another with a single click

Support Tickets

Improve customer support with the in-built support ticket management system & plugin

Import Tickets from Mail

Auto convert or sync emails on your mailbox to support ticket for better email request handling

Ticket Escalation

Improve your overall service delivery with customized unit-level ticket escalation rules (SLA)

Live Chats

Improve customer engagement on your website with the integrated live chat feature & plugin

Social Messengers

Engage your potential customer on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media with our integrated messenger

APIs & Plug-ins

Integrate Callsavvy features into your existing business management tools with our Plug-ins & RESTFul APIs


Callsavvy's chatbots let you keep your customers engaged over chat, WhatsApp & more, even when offline


Let Callsavvy's email auto-responders attend to your customers queries to cut engagement time and cost

Calendar & Schedules

Manage, share and keep track of your important schedules & meetings with Callsavvy's Calendar

Virtual Meetings

Create uninterrupted virtual meetings and video calls. Enjoy meeting features like recording, screenshare and more


Create unlimited interactive online forms to collect data and feedback from your customers and users with our form builder.


Create and manage knowledgebase articles and improve customer experience with our Knowledgebase management feature.

Email & SMS

Send marketing email & bulk SMS messages to your contacts with our mass mailing and messaging tool


Broadcast automated calls with pre-recorded audio or text-2-speech to your contacts with a click.


Have a long list of calls to make? Let our auto-dialer work for you while you rest your hands

Multiple Agents & Units

Create as much agents and support units as you need to handle your customer support requests

Flexible Role Management

Control precisely what features each agent can use with the in-built access control feature

Superb Analytics

Get better visibility and hold on every metric that matters with the in-built reporting dashboard

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Developers love Callsavvy!

Callsavvy was built by developers, created with developers in mind and designed for seamless integration with other applications

Callsavvy fintech API for Developers

Start building with Callsavvy's plug-n-play APIs

integrate any or all of Callsavvy's feature onto your application using the programing language or development platform you love .

curl --request POST \
    --url '' \
    --header 'Public-Key: 1234567890' \
    --header 'Private-Key: 33gTuienGR83HY32cGt' \
    --header 'content-type: application/json' \
    --header 'accept: application/json' \
    --data '{"parameter":"value"}'

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